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Trade like trader Wieland Arlt.

Trade like Wieland Arlt

The Expander trading strategy

The Expander trading strategy is used by German trader Wieland Arlt. Expander is Wieland Arlt's favourite trading strategy. It can be used on all instruments and in all time frames from 15 minutes upwards.


The Expander package is available in the NanoTrader Free and Full. The package consists of four elements:

The Expander trading strategy. + The Expander SignalRadar live trading table showing live trades. + The Expander screener to identfy trading signals on day charts. + Unlimited access to the support desk.

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Free webinars and seminars

WH SelfInvest regularly organizes both free and paying trading webinars and seminars with trader Wieland Arlt.

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The Expander SignalRadar table


The huge success of the SignalRadar live trading tool motivated Wieland Arlt to launch a SignalRadar tables based on his Expander strategy. All trades triggered by the strategy are visible in real-time in SignalRadar. SignalRadar is FREE.

Read more about the unique SignalRadar.

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