Trading in group can be both beneficial and enjoyable. NanoTrader has a ‘group trading’ functionality which allows traders to trade together in a virtual group in real-time.

Social context

The group trading website allows you to found your own trading group or join an existing trading group. A group can be open for all to join or invitation only.

Participate & Learn

The positions and working orders of your group members are visible in real-time in your trading platform and charts. It is indicated if the group member trades on a real account or a demo account.


Traders can chat. Various tools are available to give or ask for an opinion. Icons can be used to instantaneously communicate with group members. Traders are no longer alone and solitary.

Trading events

WH SelfInvest regularly organises trading seminars and webinars. Group trading is sometimes a topic. After training seminars participants, who have gotten to know each other, may form a trading group.