Trading like Michael Voigt.

Trade like Michael Voigt

Trading strategies

Michael Voigt is the author of Das große Buch der Markttechnik. “WH SelfInvest is a reliable broker which I do not hesitate to recommend during my seminars” states Michael Voigt. This famous trader uses the NanoTrader platform.

Michael Voigt puts his Markttechnik package at our clients’ disposal. In Das große Buch der Markttechnik and in the accompanying Arbeitsbuch he uses the NanoTrader to illustrate how he trades. Tip: practice the way Michael Voigt trades by using the free permanent demo account each client gets.


WH SelfInvest regularly organizes both free and paying trading seminars and webinars with Michael Voigt.

This video is an example of a joint seminar. This video shows one method of how to trade like Michael Voigt using the NanoTrader.

Client proposals

Clients can propose tools and indicators. WH SelfInvest will program these client proposals. Some of these proposals are used by Michael Voigt.

Discount & Archive

Clients have exclusive access to our video archive. Several videos feature Michael Voigt. WH SelfInvest clients receive discounts on the services Michael offers.