NanoTrader platform support videos

Installation & settings

Quick start - Open a chart and place first orders ...  
From a preconfigured chart video
From an empty page + placing order video

First start and main settings  
Starting NanoTrader - Futures account video
Starting NanoTrader - CFD-Forex account video
Starting NanoTrader - Futures and CFD-Forex accounts video
Choosing a start page video
Various ways to save your study video
The "Save all" button explained video
Making sure futures orders are placed on the market video
Exporting charts and placing them on multiple screens video

Charts & technical analysis

Personalising your chart  
Open a chart video
Open multiple charts video
Adjusting, stretching or shrinking a chart video
Changing colours of candles and the start of day line video
Chart types: line, bar, candle, heikin ashi video
Choosing the aggregation: minutes, seconds, ticks, percentage, points, renko video
Visualise the market profile video
Visualise a chart on a smaller timeframe video

Combine charts  
Option 1 - A single contract on multiple timeframes (TwinChart) video
Option 2 - Different contracts using the same timeframe video

Adding technical indicators  
Adding an indicator video
Changing the aggregation of an indicator video
Heikin Ashi chart & filter examples video

Adding filters  
Block Filter video
Flat Filter video
Intraday Filter video
Safetynet Filter video
Indicator Filter video
Filter programmed in Express video

Inter-market analysis  
Creating a compound symbol video

Placing alerts  
Visual, acoustic and by email (Futures Account) video
Visual, acoustic email and by SMS (CFD&FX Account) video

Scanning instruments  
Scripts to scan instruments based on technical criteria video

Stops & semi-automated trading

Opening a position manually and closing it automatically  
Placing orders through the order ticket video
The order book (SpeedTrader) video
Placing orders through the order book (SpeedTrader) video
The TradeGuard + AutoOrder function video
Placing orders through the order ticket with the TradeGuard activated video
Placing orders through the ChartTrader video
Placing an OCO order to open a position video
Trade with TradeGuard and multiple stops & targets video
Using Tactics for meticulous trading video
Transform a stop order to another stop order with a single click video

Working with dynamic stops  
The trailing stop video
The time stop video
The PeriodsHighLow stop video
The linear stop video
The parabolic stop video
The KaseDev stop video
The breakeven stop video
Edit the stop to be based on the ATR video
Edit the stop to be based on a percentage video
Choose a platform indicator as stop video
Program a stop with Express video

Fully automated trading

Open a position automatically and close it automatically  
Trade in automatic mode (AutoOrder) video
Open positions with a trend line video
Open a position with a trend channel video
Open a position with an indicator video
Open a position with a signal created by another contract video

Automatically open a single position with a "Tactic" order  
Opening a position with a crossing MA video
Open a position with a horizontal trendline video
Opening a position with a sloping trendline video
Open a position with multiple tactic orders using OCO video

Creating, backtesting & optimising a trading system

The backtesting tools  
The MetaSentimentor - a signal generator video
Creating a simple trading system video
What is the chosen objective? video
Evaluate the system performance video
Optimise the system or certain variables video
Sensitivity analysis of an indicator or particular variables video
Trade history and P/L analysis per trade video

Practising, scanning, statistics & playback

Practise & training  
Trade on the papertrade account video
Trade with the simulation symbol video
The Playback function video

WHS Trading Services  
The instrument scanner WHS TechScan video
The pre-programmed WHS trading strategies video

Analyse and visualise trades  
Analyse the daily statistics with Daytrade Statistics video
Visualise trades in the chart video
Copy, save and print charts video