Tools and indicators proposed by clients

WH SelfInvest programs, within reason, trading tools and indicators proposed by clients. The proposals are afterwards inserted into the NanoTrader trading platform. All clients can use the tools and indicators for FREE. Contact our support desk if you wish to propose a tool or an indicator.

The Vortex and the Vortex Iceberg indicators

Identify the precise moment when a new trend is confirmed.

The Fibonacci moving average

A very efficient trend indicator and filter.

Chart Compare

The Black Dog system

The ATR Expansion Day indicator (Birger Schäfermeier)

See when market volatility explodes.

Big candles – Erdal Cene

Identify and use big candles.

Displaced chart – Erdal Cene

Filter gaps out of charts.

Hikkake pattern – Daniel Chesler

Identify market reversal points.

Inventory Retracement Bar – Rob Hoffman

Exploit the behaviour of institutions.

One day reversal pattern – Jesse Livermore

Identify market reversal points on a day chart.

Range Bars Viewer – Helmut Schmidt

See where the next range bar will appear.

WL Bars – Wim Lievens

Remove time from your charts.

Bollinger Volatility Explosion

Watch the volatility explode.

Donchian channel – Birger Schäfermeier

Discover these channels used by several well-known traders.

Proxy Index – Larry Williams

Identify trend reversal zones.

Rainbow – Lars Gottwik

Highlight trend changes.

In the trading platform you can find the tools and indicators proposed by clients in the WHS Proposals folder:

find the tools and indicators proposed by clients in the WHS Proposals folder