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Scalping the Mini-DAX.

How to scalp the Mini-DAX future?

Scalpers have infinitely more opportunities than position traders or day traders.


Wieland Arlt

Risk and Money Management – Wieland Arlt

A complete guide on how to maximize your profits and minimize your risks in forex, futures and stock trading.

Free trading newsletter

Make your own trading newsletter

Create your personalised daily newsletter based on technical analysis criteria.

Futures trading.

Futures and futures trading

Futures are easily accessible to the retail investor. Every future and every futures market is based on the same simple principles. Once you have mastered these principles you can trade this instrument, which is 100% transparent, electronically traded and very low cost.

The Scalper trading book.

Trader profile – The Scalper

This e-book explains in detail the tools scalpers use. The importance of automating orders is explained. It will become quickly clear to the reader why scalpers prefer futures.

Trading mistakes.

Trading mistakes

Every trader makes mistakes. It's important to identify them, learn from them and understand how to avoid them.

Trading methods

Trading methods

How to trade the markets? This e-book explains different trading methods.