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To accommodate every trading style, orders can be placed in many different ways. The order execution will always be high speed and error free.

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Bracket orders
Automating orders
Scalping orders
Time orders

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Bracket orders or contingent orders

Clicking the Buy or Sell buttons in the chart opens the order ticket. This trader is placing a market order. By selecting "Add Contingent Orders" he instructs the platform to automatically place a target and a stop order after he launches his market order. These are the horizontal red lines. It is possible to slide these orders in the chart.

In this example the trader places the stop loss order on a support level. When one of the orders is executed, the platform automatically cancels the other order. This is called 'OCO', one cancels other.

Trading platform with OCO orders, bracket orders and contingent ordes.

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The TradeWizard

The TradeWizard in NanoTrader allows novice traders to place their orders without making an error. The wizard takes the trader step-by-step through the order process. An error is not possible. Every client also gets a permanent demo account to practice placing orders.

Semi-automated and automated orders

In semi-automated trading the trader opens the position manually and instructs the platform to close the position automatically when his criteria are met. In automated trading the platform opens and closes positions automatically.

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The Speedtrader

The Speedtrader order-book

Orders can be placed in the order-book. Click in the relevant column to place the order at the desired price level.

Trading platform, which allows orders to be placed via the order-book.

The Speedtrader orderpad

The orderpad contains buttons to place one-click orders and buttons to manage orders.

The orderpad allows traders to place orders for scalping and many other order types.

These one-click buttons for orders are available:

  • Buy at the market price
  • Sell at the market price
  • Buy 1 more
  • Sell 1
  • Reverse position
  • Double position
  • Always keep my buy on the bid
  • Always keep my sell on the ask

The ChartTrader

The unique ChartTrader can be added to every chart. By clicking in the ChartTrader market, limit and stop orders can be placed in one click.

The ChartTrader allows traders to place orders via the chart.


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Placing orders in the chart

Every chart contains a quick-action Buy and a Sell button. These buttons are one of the most popular methods of placing an order.

Trading platform, which allows orders to be placed via the charts.

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Sliding orders in the chart

Traders can grab any working order in the chart and simply slide it to a new price level. There is no need to cancel and replace.

Right-click an order in the chart to cancel it.

It is possible to slide orders in the charts instead of cancelling them.

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The Tactic buttons and orders

Scalping and day trading with surgical precision

Traders he blue Tactic buttons in their charts. These buttons manage orders and positions with speed and precision.

The buttons are used a lot in daytrading and scalping.

The Tactic buttons allow you to change orders without cancelling the orders first.

In one click you can:

  • Convert a stop into a trailing stop or a break-event stop
  • Increase the stop by 1 tick
  • Lower the stop by 1 tick
  • Join the bid price
  • Join the ask price
  • Join the bid price +1
  • Join the ask price +1
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Your indicators place orders

Tactic Orders is an easy way to automate orders. It is perfect for traders, who use indicators. This trader uses three indicators and selected "Unanimity". If all three indicators are bearish, a position is bought. The orders can be placed automatically or only after approval by the trader.

The Tactic buttons allow you to change orders without cancelling the orders first.


Time-based orders

'Good after time' orders

Market, stop and limit orders with the instruction 'Good After Time' are activated at a particular point in time chosen by the trader.

'Good between' orders

Market, stop and limit orders with the instruction 'Good Between' are activated and cancelled at times chosen by the trader.

Did you know?

Most trading platforms cannot handle orders with time instruction. For NanoTrader this is child's play.

The advantages of time-based orders

  • Orders are placed at a time of your choice.
  • Orders are cancelled at a time of your choice.
  • Place the orders when you want.
  • No extra cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • Switch of the PC (futures) or keep it running (CFD-Forex)

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