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New: The Polychromatic Momentum Indicator – August 2022

A new indicator is available in the platform. The Polychromatic Momentum indicator is frequently used for trading in smaller time-frames. It is a price momentum indicator. The Polychromatic Momentum indicator can also be used to indicate the trend and to provide trading signals. The PMI is available in the platform FREE of charge.

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The Polychromatic Momentum indicator and system.

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Investui is our managed account service. The service takes short term positions. In 2020 Investui generated a net profit of +33% at moderate risk for its clients.

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WH SelfInvest receives a major award – July 2022

You will be happy to know that your broker, for the 6th time in a row(!), has been ranked #1 and BEST CFD BROKER by the research team of the prestigious €uro am Sonntag magazine.

#1 and Overall winner
#1 Product range and Order execution
#1 Pricing

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