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New Babypips strategy – July 2021

Forex traders will like this simple Inside Bar Momentum strategy. The strategy was published on the Babypips website. It is a day trading strategy. The tempo is perfect, not too fast and not too slow. The Inside Bar Momentum strategy is FREE in NanoTrader.

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Free forex trading strategy published on Babypips.

Let your money work for you

Investui is our managed account service. The service takes short term positions. In 2020 Investui generated a net profit of +33% at moderate risk for its clients.

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DowHow Fibo pack expands  – July 2021

Markus Gabel's popular DowHow Fibo trading pack has been expanded. The TPO (Time Price Opportunities) module has been added to the pack. This seamless integration of DowHow Fibo and TPO will please volume-based traders. Both versions are available in the store.

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Markus Gabel Dow How with TPO for NanoTrader.